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Interview with Arta

Interview with Arta In this interview, Artën, a software tester in our company, shares her experience as a tester at Ketri Web, how she got to know us, and her experience of being employed in our company. She also describes to us the work environment, the advantages of her work as a tester, as well as the impact of Ketri Web on her career development. Read the interview to learn more about this inspiring story.

Arta working at her desk

How did you end up having a career as a software tester? What inspires you to work in this field?

It's interesting how I ended up in the field of software testing actually. I worked for many years in e-commerce, and that job put me in contact with customers, with reports on their impressions of various features for the online brands being managed there. Being in that position, I started to take a keen interest in being the person who not only reports but also identifies what sometimes doesn't work well. Encouraged by this, I then decided to consider a different career. I wanted to explore my potential in this direction, so I spoke with people in the IT field to get a general idea. I started as any other person with no deep knowledge in this field by watching some videos on YouTube. From there, I began following online courses on a platform called Pluralsight until I decided to register for a course in software testing. Understanding the importance I wanted to give to this new direction, I decided to fully dedicate myself to it, quiting my previous job and immediately seeking employment or internship opportunities after the course, considering that I came from a very different educational background and would have more difficulties and more work to do in this new career.

How did you learn about Ketri Web, and why did you decide to apply for a job with us?

I had not heard about Ketri Web before, until one day I started searching on the internet for all IT companies operating in Tirana. I did this as part of my process to find employment or an internship with a company. It was truly challenging and almost demotivating, as around 30+ companies did not provide any kind of feedback. Ketri Web, on the other hand, contacted me, I believe, around 2-3 days after I applied (even though they did not have any open positions for testers), and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a confirmation for an interview, following a long silence or responses as "We regret to inform you..."

Describe your first day at work at Ketri Web.

After having a very pleasant interview here with the CEO, Leandro, and being accepted, on my first day in the office, I met Eva, the office manager, who showed me the work environment, introduced me to other colleagues, and even taught me how to make coffee and where to find everything for its preparation. Later on, I was introduced to the office where I would be situated, my desk, and, of course, the work itself. The first day was very calm; I got to know some of the projects developed in the company, the relevant documentation, the platforms they used, and I started laying the groundwork for a testing document where I would demonstrate my knowledge and perspective on testing. I also attended my first meeting out of many that would follow, and it went very well.

How would you describe the work environment at our company? What makes you feel satisfied working here?

The work environment at Ketri Web is always calm, and I feel good because there is communication. For me, communication is essential for building relationships that are not only respectful but also for staying informed and understood about the work you do, the expectations, and the ongoing progress.

What are some of the main advantages you have noticed in your work as a tester in our company?

I believe that at some degree it is kind of a risk for the company to take on someone without experience in this field, as myself when I initially joined. On the other hand, it is definitely a responsibility for me to repay the trust given. With that being said, an advantage can be considered the opportunity for me to practically learn what I had only seen theoretically before starting to work here. Furthermore, an advantage can also be considered the chance to enhance my skills by working on various projects, each presenting new challenges and unique features that need to be tested. It pushes me to conduct more comprehensive testing and allows for professional growth and development. Not only that, but here I have had the opportunity to not only be involved in testing but also “steal” a little from all other fields related.

What are some of the professional skills you have developed during your work at Ketri Web?

Some of the professional skills I have developed during my work at Ketri Web include using tools for defect reporting and identification, such as automation tools for test automation. Additionally, I have honed my skills in writing tasks and defects, including the steps followed, tests conducted, and expected and actual results. Lastly, communication and collaboration have been crucial, as every new experience is an opportunity to improve and further develop these essential skills in any work environment.

How has our company impacted your career development in the testing field? Do you feel you are benefiting professional growth and advancement?

The impact of this company on my career development in the testing field has been significant. I feel valued and heard, and these feelings have helped me contribute my best. My efforts have been recognized, encouraging my growth as a tester. I believe that every day has brought something new for me to learn, and I continue to learn and be grateful for that.

How would you describe the company culture and relationships with your colleagues?

The company culture and relationships with colleagues are characterized by respect, good communication, and teamwork. In the beginning of my career, I had the perception that there might be some friction between developers and testers, as it is often portrayed, with developers thinking everything works fine and testers thinking nothing works well. However, in reality, I have found communicative developers who are open to discussion, reflection, and ultimately achieving satisfying results together. I enjoy working in a team, appreciating diverse ideas and the synergy that arises from combining them, or as American author Maxwell once said, "Teamwork makes the dream work."

What do you enjoy most about the work you do at Ketri Web?

What I like most about my work at Ketri Web is the freedom to do what I am good at. This freedom allows each employee to contribute their full potential. Such freedom should be encouraging and motivating to work harder.

What would you say to a new candidate who wants to be part of Ketri Web?

To a new candidate aspiring to be part of Ketri Web, I would say to them that maybe here you will only find a handful of people but a lot of support; you will have as much work as you desire, but also the necessary time to do everything properly; you will experience harmony and synergy. If you are reading this and seeking a place to learn and grow significantly, especially if you are in the early stages of your career, here you will have limitless learning opportunities.

Do you want to be part of Ketri Web team?

We are always looking for new colleagues! To learn more about the currently available positions at Ketri Web, visit our careers page and apply for the position that interests you. We look forward to recognizing your talent and sharing a successful journey in the field of technology together.

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