What we help you with

Manage your site with a custom CMS. We offer you a flexible and secure CMS that fits your business needs.

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User roles and permissions

By identifying roles and how they map together, you can give your users access to perform duties related to their role. Permissions can be assigned to specific users to permit certain capabilities inside the platform.

Photo of menu with user roles and permissions

Content management

Easily manage your digital content. You get to decide what content to publish, as well as the form of presentation.

  • Publishing and editing
  • Categorization and searching
  • Content approval system
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Document management

You can store, organize and share documents.

Document management


Multiple users can log on and contribute and manage content to be published. They can share assets or folders to collaborate with others both inside and outside your organization.

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Multilingual support

Multilingual support allows visitors to choose their preferred language to read the content with.

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More features

On top of the ones mentioned above, here are some more ways we help you in your business through the platforms we create:

  • Notification system
  • Custom functionalities
  • Easy integration with third-party services
  • Social media integration
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