Life as a junior developer at Ketri Web

Interview with new colleague, Xhovana

Ketri Web places a heavy emphasis on advancing new staff members within the company. As a result of training and collaboration, our employees develop new and useful skills in their profession.

Discover what it's like to work at Ketri Web by reading the interview with our newest colleague, Xhovana, who has only been with the company as a junior full-stack developer, for a few months.

Web developer working at Ketri Web

How did you become acquainted with Ketri Web and why did you decide to apply for this position?

I got acquainted with Ketri Web through the website. I was looking for a job as a web developer, and one of the results of my Google search was exactly the position I have today. The company offered me two of the requirements I sought, the opportunity to be employed without previous experience in this field, as well as the opportunity to learn all the processes involved in developing a web application. These were the two main reasons that prompted me to apply.

What was the hiring process like at Ketri Web?

As someone not in Tirana at the time of application, I found the hiring process to be very comfortable. The company simplified the process for me by completing some of the steps of the hiring process, in distance. In order to get the job, I had to go through a 3-month training program. This period was quite fruitful for me as a programmer, to further develop my skills.

Describe your first day at Ketri Web.

The first day started with the hospitality of all the staff members. Then, I was given a detailed explanation of the company's facilities and capabilities. In addition, I received a more detailed description of my job responsibilities and the ways in which they would be accomplished. The day ended with me writing a review on Ketri’s website.

What impressed you the most about the company?

As a beginner in the programming field, what impressed me the most was the freedom to participate in multiple projects with my own ideas, regardless of my lack of experience. My expectation was to be given tasks to implement since I was a junior, but I've been evaluated on every project I've worked on for my thoughts or suggestions.

Over the past few months, what kind of professional support have you received?

As a junior developer, I most definitely needed professional support from colleagues with more experience. They have always pointed me towards the most effective ways to solve problems I may encounter while programming. Ketri Web’s executives are also mentors. They organize meetings almost every day to share their professional experience and guide me through every project, so that my skills in this field continue to improve.

As part of your work at Ketri Web, what professional skills have you developed?

Over the 4 month period at Ketri Web, I gained a great deal of professional knowledge. I have gained knowledge of all the technologies the company uses to build web applications. These technologies include HTML, CSS, PHP, and JS. I now write code that is clearer, faster, and of higher quality.

Besides being more knowledgeable about these programming languages, I have also acquired new skills. I learned how Linux-based websites are run. I now know how to use project management tools like 'Git' and ‘Poedit,’ a program for translating websites. Additionally, I learned how to create and edit images.

What is your favourite part about working at Ketri Web?

All the technologies I use as a programmer. What is it about them that I like so much? I learn something new every day at work, and the more I learn about this field, the wider my horizons become. Furthermore, I enjoy creating things step by step and having a complete understanding of every page that is created. Having complete control over what you're creating is a truly satisfying feeling. As I work on a project, I get so involved that I am oblivious to the fact that eight hours have gone by.

What is your relationship with your colleagues and how do you view the company culture?

Since day one, I have felt a very positive and friendly energy within Ketri Web. The relationship between coworkers is friendly and, above all, motivating. Helping each other is never lacking, in any situation. Company culture is characterized by dedicated employees with a high level of cooperation.

So far, what has been your favourite outdoor activity?

Since I am fond of sports, I would say that sports games are the most fun activity outside of the workspace. Even so, lunches with the whole team are not far behind (we laughed endlessly the last time). Regardless of where we go, out-of-office activities are always constructive to me.

What advice would you give to a young candidate interested in joining Ketri Web?

If you are looking for a job that teaches you everything about your career, that motivates you to learn new skills that are extremely valuable, and that provides you with a friendly environment, where communication and understanding are not lacking, then you have come to the right place. You shouldn't hesitate and I encourage you to apply and confirm my every word.

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