Crewin is an employment platform in the Superyacht industry, connecting recruiters & crew, enabling more efficient placements and employment. Crewin delivers an easy to use system, to aid crew in finding their next job, or a recruiter’s next crew member.


Responsive UI

The interface of the website adapts to any devices, platforms and screen sizes in terms of layout and function.

Messaging system

We created a messaging system, which enables recruiters and job seekers to send and receive instant messages between each other. The system supports different attachment types and users can exchange files, photos and other content. Users also get notifications inside the web application when they receive a new message.


Users pay a monthly or annual fee, in order to use all the features of the platform. The subscription is automatically renewed after the specified period. When the user's card is charged again, they get notified with an email. The user can cancel their subscription whenever they wish to.

Job applications

Recruiters post their job vacancies, with all their relevant details. Then crew members can apply to the jobs of their liking. They can follow the job application status in their dashboard.